Dataset: Seagrass communities of Vanuatu


Seagrass surveys were undertaken at 60 localities in Vanuatu during March/April 1988. Generally, surveys were carried out in the same localities chosen for coral and fish surveys, for the same project. Localities contained all the major habitats found along the coastal and shallow water areas of Vanuatu and focused on areas that could be seen to have seagrass or looked suitable for seagrass.

Each survey lasted between 30 and 120 minutes and the following information was recorded:

  1. species of seagrass present
  2. total abundance of seagrass
  3. habitat type
  4. maximum depth of seagrass occurrence at sublittoral sites
  5. position on shore if intertidal
  6. substrate type
  7. exposure to prevailing east and southeast winds
  8. water clarity

General Information