Dataset: NSW Office of Water Groundwater Entitlements Spatial Locations



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. The metadata was not provided by the data supplier and has been compiled by the programme based on known details.

This dataset contains the NSW Office of Water Groundwater Entitlements spatial locations stored in a geodatabase.

This dataset has been provided to the BA Programme for use within the programme only. Third parties may request a copy of the data from DPI Water (previously known as the NSW Office of Water) at

Dataset History


  1. Using the supplied bioregional assessment data capture polygons a spatial select was taken for each polygon area for the Surface and Groundwater Approved Work locations. These Work Location points were exported to an ArcGIS 10.0 File Geodatabase for each polygon area. These work locations have a "Status" of either "Active" (under the Water Act) or "Current" (under the Water Management Act).

  2. These spatial locations link to the licence volumes found in the *_WLS-EXTRACT_n.xls and the *_WLS-EXTRACT_n_WALs_volume.xls as per below

  3. The Approved License number attached to each Work was then used to query the Office of Water's Water Licensing System (WLS) to extract details on each Approved license including any linked Water Access Licenses (WAL) if the Work was now under the Water Management Act (WMA). These files end in *_WLS-EXTRACT_n.xls.

  4. If found the linked WAL number is used to re-query using WLS to extract details on each linked WAL. These files end in *_WLS-EXTRACT_n_WALs_volume.xls.

  5. The \*_WLS-EXTRACT_n.xls and \*_WLS-EXTRACT_n_WALs_volume.xls files can be found under each bioregional assessment area:





Dataset Citation

NSW Office of Water (2013) NSW Office of Water Groundwater Entitlements Spatial Locations. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 13 March 2019,

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