Dataset: Cockburn Cement - Success Bank - Seagrass and Sand Invertebrates - 1990's


Invertebrates (epifauna & infauna) from seagrass (Amphibolis griffithii, Posidonia coriacea, Heterozostera tasmanica) and adjacent sand habitats on Success Bank (5-7 m) and deep water (12 m) in Owen Anchorage and Gage Roads were collected at three locations, three time periods in 1997/1998.

Three replicates were made at each location, giving a total of 45 samples per sampling period (5 habitats x 3 locations x 3 replicates per location). Three major samplings (summer 1997, winter 1997 and summer 1998) were undertaken to obtain information on seasonal and annual variations.

An additional study incorporated samples collected from 11-17 m deep areas dredged in 1985, 1994 and 1996 that were compared to the bare sediments in natural basin habitats to the north and south of the sites on the sand bank. Density, biomass and production of invertebrates were lowest in the most recently dredged areas. There were some differences between dredging time and locations within dredging time.

General Information