Dataset: Current and Former Parliamentarians' Expenditure 1 April to 30 June 2022


IPEA prepares and publicly releases regular reports detailing expenditure accessed by parliamentarians, former parliamentarians and surviving spouses or de facto partners of former prime ministers.

The information contained in the dataset is considered to be an accurate statement of payments made and receipts received within the period. The dataset comprises aggregate information on travel costs, office facilities, office administrative costs, telecommunications, family travel and employee costs. The dataset contains current and former parliamentarians with expenditure during the period. Current and former parliamentarians with no expenditure in the period are not included in the dataset.

The dataset should be used in conjunction with the current parliamentarians' expenditure explanatory notes and former parliamentarians' expenditure explanatory notes.

When comparing expenditure between parliamentarians, it is important to take into account the parliamentarian's role, the size of their electorate, and their electorate's distance from the closest capital city and Canberra. Further information on why some offices may have higher travel expenditure can be found on the IPEA website Background on Expenditure Reporting page.

General Information