Dataset: Australian Government Income Management Program


Updated data for the Australian Government’s Income Management (IM) program will be available on the third Thursday of every month. The data summary will include:

Table 1. Number of IM participants by location and measure

1.1 Northern Territory

1.2 Western Australia

1.3 Queensland

1.4 South Australia

1.5 Victoria

1.6 New South Wales

Table 2. Number of IM participants with an active BasicsCard by State/Territory

Table 3. Number of IM exemptions by Indigenous Indicator

The data provided will be the last weekly data update for the previous month.


Legislation for IM is located here in the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999.

The Guide to Social Policy Law for IM is located here.

Information about IM

More information about Income Management is located here on the Department of Human Services web site.


The places that have IM, by State and Territory, is located here on the Department of Human Services web site.

Data Confidentialisation Policy

Table cells are suppressed where the count refers to less than five, but more than zero, people. The method is:

Data Caveats

  1. Any variance from data reported prior to 28 August 2015 is due to a change to conform to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).
  2. Inconsistencies may be attributed to participants moving from the location where they were originally triggered onto the program.
  3. Participants with ‘Unknown’ locations did not have a recorded address at the time of data extraction. This often occurs because a participant is in the process of moving address.
  4. ‘Uncategorised CIM’ customers are instances where a customer was assessed for Income Management but was never switched ON and assigned a Category Code.
  5. ‘Greater Brisbane’ includes ‘Logan’.
  6. ‘Far North’ includes ‘Cape York’.
  7. For ‘Current Income Management Exemptions by Indigenous Indicator’, automatic exemptions for <25% of Max Payment is not included.

General Information