Dataset: Growth increments in otoliths of two species of damselfish from the southern Great Barrier Reef


Two species of damselfish, Pomacentrus mollucensis and Pomacentrus wardi, from the One Tree Reef lagoon on the southern Great Barrier Reef, were examined to assess determination of age-specific parameters using otiliths.

Fish (154) were caught and injected with tetracycline in two periods, 7-9 October 1989 and 9-13 April 1990 at four sites. On 15-18 April 1991 these sites were revisited and specimens of Pomacentrus molluccensis (73) and of Pomacentrus wardi (65) were collected and recaptures recorded. Fish were measured (SL = standard length to the nearest 0.1 mm) and the right sagittae retrieved for otolith examination to determine any increment in the otolith structure that had formed since treatment with tetracycline (an opaque band).

Growth was measured by the absolute distance between the tetracycline band and the otolith edge along the L3-axis.

Von Bertalanffy growth curves and age structures were derived using FISHPARM.

General Information