Distribution: health expenditure by area and source

Dataset: Health expenditure in Australia


Contains health expenditure data for each state and territory, disaggregated by area of expenditure and source of funding.

The expenditure in this data set is reported in constant prices (real terms) in millions of Australian Dollars. Constant price expenditure adjusts current prices for the effects of inflation, i.e. it aims to remove the effects of inflation. The reference year is 2011-12 hence it reports what expenditure would have been had 2011-12 prices applied in all years. So expenditures in different years can be compared on a dollar for dollar basis, using this measure of changes in the volume of health goods and services.

Note: There are both positive and negative amounts for the area of expenditure category ‘medical expenses tax rebate’. The medical expenses tax rebate cannot be specifically allocated to the various areas of health expenditure. The medical expenses tax rebate is offset against individuals out-of-pocket payments and recorded as an expense for the Australian Government.

See the definitions file for further information on the variables in this dataset.

General Information