Dataset: Australian Land Disturbance Database (ALDD) - Apparent Naturalness


The Australian Land Disturbance Database is an environmental database and a set of modelling procedures which are designed to assist in the planning and management of remote and natural lands in Australia. ALDD survey work is implemented by measuring variation in disturbance across the landscape using four 'indicators': Remoteness from Settlement, Remoteness from Access, Apparent Naturalness and Biophysical Naturalness.

The distance indicators are derived by weighting primary data (eg roads for access, infrastructure for Apparent naturalness) according to its impact relative to the highest level of impact for this feature type. Then the distance from this 'major impact equivalent' was calculated and thresholds applied.
Biophysical Naturalness is derived using two methodologies, depending on the nature of land system. For Non-arid, or intensive landuse zone, BN is calculated using grazing, logging and similar available primary data. For arid and semi-arid rangelands, the distance from water, expected domestic stock and palatability of vegetation, form the basis of the assessment.Departmental Deed
NB. None of the primary data is available for distribution.
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