Dataset: HUN GW model output points v01



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from HUN_GW_Model_v01l. The source datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

The dataset includes text and excel version of two datafiles pertaining to the groundwater monitoring bores and the surface water gauging stations where the model predicts water levels and baseflow estimates respectively. Also included is an excel file which lists the extraction rates used in the modellling for production bores. GW model output points

no_repeats_with_elevation.txt - points where the groundwater model provides baseflow estimates that are then fed into the river model.


Used to generate shapefiles for the two datasets

Dataset History

The dataset was created by exporting text files from the groundwater model after calibration and simulation were complete. Text files were converted to excel spreadsheets.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2016) HUN GW model output points v01. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 13 March 2019,

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