Dataset: WAMSI Node 4.3.2a - Ecosystem Modelling - Qualitative modelling of the Peel-Harvey Estuary ecosystem


This study produced qualitative models that assembled stakeholder perceptions of various assets and issues within the Peel Harvey estuarine system including water quality, wading birds, blue swimmer crabs and governance. The models were developed through workshops with a wide variety of stakeholders, including community groups, government agencies, researchers, managers and non-government organisations, and discussions with individuals or small groups following the workshops.

Each model was used to assess the current situation and the drivers of change that were negatively impacting the focal asset. Potential management strategies were then identified and the ‘best case management strategy’, where both model stability and asset management were improved, was incorporated in a ‘future’ model.

Common themes that arose throughout this process were the need to improve water quality throughout the estuary and nearby rivers by reducing nutrient input from various sources, and the need to alter current governance structures to allow effective environmental management.

General Information