Dataset: CReefs Australia - Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef


The CReefs Australia project is a collection of a variety of taxa from three locations: Ningaloo Reefs in Western Australia, and Heron and Lizard Islands off the coast of Queensland (separate metadata records are kept for each location) between 2008 and 2010. Sampling was conducted by scuba, snorkel and beach collection.

In 2008, Heron Island collections were carried out between 25 August and 14 September.
In 2009, Heron Island collections were carried out during 10-30 November.

Variables in the dataset are: longitude and latitude, date, identifications (to genus species where possible), depth, coral reef zone, and other habitat indicators.

Species collected come from the following taxonomic groups:
Algae and seagrasses (phyla Chlorophyta, Ochrophyta, Rhodophyta, Magnoliophyta and Cyanobacteria)
Arthropoda - Amphipods (Order: Amphipoda), Isopods (Order: Isopoda), Tanaids (Order Tanaidacea), Crustacea
Bryozoans (Order Cheilostomata)
Echinoderms (Phylum: Echinodermata)
Polychates (Phylum: Annelida)

Collection was mainly by hand; some samples were obtained by traps, grabs, sediment pumps, hook and line, speargun.

General Information