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This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

The Petroleum Wells database stores information about petroleum wells within NSW. The NSW Petroleum Wells Database has been developed to record summary data on petroleum exploration and development drilling data for holes drilled in New South Wales. The database contains summary information about each drillhole such as location, total depth, azimuth/dip, geochemistry, wireline logs and DIGS references.

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This dataset has been provided to the BA Programme for use within the programme only. Third parties should contact the NSW Department of Industry.

Dataset History

Data Quality


The primary data source for the petroleum borehole database was company exploration reports supplied to the Department of Mineral Resources as part of the statutory reporting requirements for exploration licences. Holes drilled by Industry and Investment NSW (Minerals) are also included in the database. Initially data was held in the COGENT Oracle database. The data was exported into spreadsheets and maintained in this environment for some time. The database is now on a SQL Server platform. Data can be entered or edited using the GBIS program

Positional Accuracy:

Drillhole coordinates have been obtained from a number of sources including exploration companies and consultants. The accuracy of the drillholes varies and is often unknown. In most instances the drillhole coordinates have been measured off company exploration maps or parish/county maps and these holes have an accuracy of between 25m and 500m depending on the quality of the map displaying the holes. Where a number of holes have been drilled on one prospect they will be located accurate relative to each other.

Attribute Accuracy:

The dataset contains a number of attributes (see attribute definitions below), these values have been derived from a large number of sources (see data lineage). Overall accuracy of the attributes will vary according to many factors such as the company that reported the drillhole and the type of lease the hole was drilled on. Some companies provide the Department with exploration reports of very high standard while others submit the bare minimum of information. Likewise, exploration licences (EL's) have fairly stringent reporting requirements while older types of licences and mining leases often have reports of poor quality

Logical Consistency:

There should be a high degree of logical consistency in this data set as data from one drillhole does not depend upon other information


As mentioned in the attribute accuracy the completeness of the data is dependent upon the quality of the data supplied to the Department in company reports. It is not always possible to obtain all the information required for each drillhole.

Attribute Definitions

Name Description

OBJECTID An identification code given by the database

PROJECT A group of drillholes - eg. PET=Petroleum, MIN=Minerals, COAL=Coal

SITE_ID A text value that uniquely defines a drillhole within the project that it belongs to

CONFIDENTIAL_YN Indicates if the hole is confidential - ie. not available to the public

PROGRAM Used to identify an area/prospect where a hole/series of holes was drilled. eg Cow Flat, Angus Place

HOLE_NAME Hole number in a program or hole name in a program (DD97GR01)

OLD_NAME A name of a drillhole that has been superceded by a new name

BUS_PURPOSE Business reason for drilling the hole - eg. COAL, CSM, PETROLEUM

DRILL_TYPE Type of drill used

HOLE_STATUS Status of the drillhole - eg. CASE=cased, PLUG=plugged - codes listed in GSL_HOLE_STATUS

TITLE_TYPE Code of type of licence where hole was drilled - eg. EL, ML, ATOE

TITLE_NO The number of the title where the hole was drilled

LICENCEE Company that holds the Exploartion or Mining Title

OPERATOR Company doing the work eg joint venture partner

LICENCEE_ID Code for the company that holds the Exploartion or Mining Title

OPERATOR_ID Code for company doing the work eg joint venture partner

TARGET The target the hole was drilled to intersect - eg. GEOCHEM, GOSSAN

CORELIB Core library where the core is stored

STARTPOINT Starting point of the drill - eg. GRND=natural ground surface, UNDG=underground



COMMENTS Comments about the drillhole/well

TOP_STRAT Letter Symbol for the top stratigraphic unit intersected in the hole

TOPSTRAT The top stratigraphic unit intersected in the hole

BASE_STRAT Letter Symbol fpr the bottom stratigraphic unit intersected in the hole

BASESTRAT The bottom stratigraphic unit intersected in the hole

COMMENCED_DT Date the drilling of the hole commenced

COMPLETED_DT Date the drilling of the hole was completed

YEAR_DRILLED The year the hole was drilled if cemmenced date not known

KELLY_LEVEL Elevation in metres above sea level of the Kelly Bushing or Rotary Table

START_DEPTH Depth in metres that the hole started at - usually 0 but can be different depth for a wedge

END_DEPTH Depth in metres that the hole was stopped at

GEOPHYS_YN Is a geophysical log available for the drillhole?

TEXTLOG_YN Is a written log available for the drillhole?

GRAPHLOG_YN Is a graphic log available for drillhole?

COREPHOTO_YN Are photos of the core available?

RECOVD_COST Costs recovered by the department for holes drilled by the the department






Source Pathname:

SDE GS_SPATIAL.GBV_Drillhole via FME from SQLServer GBIS Boreholes

Dataset Citation

NSW Trade and Investment (2014) NSW Petroleum Boreholes 20140815. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 22 June 2018,

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