Dataset: Patterns of abundance and size of dictyoceratid sponges among neighbouring islands in central Torres Strait (CRC-TS Project: Task Number T1.6a)


In December 2004, and September and December 2005, surveys for dictyoceratid sponges were conducted around six neighbouring islands in central Torres Strait: Kabbikane, Keats, Kodall, Marsden, Masig and Rennel. Most islands were <10 km apart, with distances ranging from 3 to 17 km. Four sites were surveyed at each island, with sites at least 1 km apart. At each site, dictyoceratids were surveyed at both shallow (4 to 6 m) and deep (10 to 15 m) depths, with the former generally on the reef flat. Three 20×1 m transects were examined at each depth, with transects separated by at least 20 m.Size-frequency distribution patterns for each species was determined by measuring the greatest dimension of every dictyoceratid with a ruler. Specimens were grouped into five size classes: <5 cm, 5-10 cm, 10-20 cm, 20-50 cm and >50 cm.For each transect reef slope and the percentage of consolidated rock and rubble were recorded.

General Information