Dataset: A Digital Elevation Model of McDonald Island derived from GeoEye-1 stereo imagery captured 19 May 2012


This dataset consists of:

1 GeoEye-1 stereo imagery of an area of approximately 100 square kilometres including McDonald Island, captured 19 May 2012

2 A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) derived from the GeoEye-1 stereo imagery; and

3 Image products derived from the most vertical dataset of the stereo imagery and orthorectified using the DEM.

4 Contours generated from the DEM.

The DEM was produced at a 1 metre pixel size and is available in ESRI grid, ESRI ascii and BIL formats.

The DEM and image products are stored in a Universal Transverse Mercator zone 43 south projection, based on the WGS84 datum.

The image products are geotiffs as follows.

McDonald_Island_BGRN.tif: GeoEye-1 4-band multispectral (vis blue, green, red and Near Infrared), 2 metre resolution.

McDonald_Island_PAN.tif: GeoEye-1 panchromatic, 0.5 metre resolution.

McDonald_Island_PS_BGRN.tif: GeoEye-1 pansharpened, 4-band multispectral (vis blue, green, red and Near Infrared), 0.5 metre resolution.

McDonald_Island_RGB.tif: GeoEye-1 pansharpened, natural colour enhancement, 0.5 metre resolution.

General Information