Dataset: Hydrocarbon Migration and Seepage in the Timor Sea and Browse Basin North West Shelf Australia: An Integrated SAR, Geological and Geochemical Study


AGSO and in collaboration with Nigel Press and Associates, AUSLIG and Radarsat International (RSI) have undertaken an interpretative study of hydrocarbon migration and seepage in the offshore Bonaparte and Browse Basins, North-Western Australia. The study used Radarsat images, detailed water column Geochemical Sniffer and Airborne Laser Fluorosensor data, acquired over a number of many years. The intrepertations derived from these seepage technologies were compared and contrasted, and then intergrated with a wide variety of petroleum geological information, including regional seismic data, isopach maps, key reservoirs, source and sealing units and fault maps. All the data and many more have been placed into a 'regional' ArcView GIS associated with the final reports, Acrobat and Powerpoint files.

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