Dataset: MCAS-S Data Pack-Update 2022


The MCAS-S data pack – update 2022 supports the Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support (MCAS-S) software tool.

*The downloadable zip file was updated 19 September 2023 to add metadata (.tip files) for Data/Primary folders Pests, Social and Soils. No data has changed.

This package of nationally consistent Australian spatial layers at one-kilometre resolution contains publicly available national data for use with MCAS-S up until December 2022. It replaces the 2014, 2011 and 2009 MCAS-S data packs. The downloadable zip file (1GB unzips to 4GB) contains a sample MCAS-S project alongside a data folder. Within the data folder are more than 290 layers in four sub-folders: Primary (raster data in GeoTIFF format for analysis) ~269 layers, Mask (raster data in GeoTIFF format for reporting and restricting the view) ~13 layers (note that categorical primary layers can now be used as masks by modifying the .tip file), Overlay (vector data in shapefile format – point, line, or polygons for context) ~17 layers, and Classified (empty folder for storage of layers created by using MCAS-S).
The layers in the Data pack are listed in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet MCAS-S-datapack2022-contents.xlsx.
For instructions to use this data pack read the descriptive metadata.

This publication (and any material sourced from it) should be attributed as: ABARES 2022, Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for
Spatial Decision Support MCAS-S Data pack – update 2022, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and
Sciences, Canberra, December 2022 CC BY 4.0. DOI:

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