Dataset: IMOS - ABOS Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) Sub-Facility, Pulse 5 Mooring Platform (Oct 2008 to Apr 2009)


Two 'Pulse' mooring platforms were deployed on the 5/10/2008, a 'Light' model and a 'Heavy' model mooring.

Instruments on the mooring collect the parameters listed in the lineage field, below.

Attached are the data files of those readings, as well as graphed results and some animations of the movement of the PULSE over time.


Moored instruments are deployed by the IMOS SOTS facility for time-series observations of physical, biological, and chemical properties, in the Sub-Antarctic Zone southwest of Tasmania , with twice-yearly servicing.

These time-series observations are crucial to resolving ecosystem processes that affect carbon cycling, ocean productivity and marine responses to climate variability and change, ocean acidification and other stresses.

This is one of only 29 high temporal resolution sites identified globally and 1 of 3 proposed for the Southern Ocean.

Pulse is a platform still under development. The design challenge for Pulse is not only to create a surface mooring that can endure the Southern Ocean but one that dampens the accelerations the surface float experiences enough so that the water sampler and biogeochemical sensors can function and survive long deployments.

General Information