Dataset: Acoustic tracking of sharks and fish on reefs off Townsville, Great Barrier Reef (NERP TE 6.1, AIMS)


Presence information for sharks and fish fitted with acoustic transmitters on reefs in the Townsville region. Acoustic receivers are deployed on: Bramble (4), Rib (4), Kelso (2), John Brewer (4), Lodestone (4), Helix (4), Keeper (2), Glow (3), Cotton Shoal (1), Arc (1), Grub (4), Yankee (3), Centipede (2), Wheeler (5), Davies (2), Pinnacle (1) and Little Broadhurst (2) reefs. Transmitter life ranges from 12-30 months. Transmitters report depth data to indicate position of the animal in the water column.

                To date transmitters have been deployed in: grey reef, blacktip, bull, silvertip, sliteye and hammerhead sharks, common coral trout, bluespot coral trout, redthroat emperor, giant trevally and spanish mackerel in this region.

General Information