Dataset: Bight Basin Geological Sampling and Seepage Survey: R/V Southern Surveyor Survey SS01/2007


The Bight Basin Sampling and Seepage Survey (SS01/2007), was undertaken in February-March 2007 as the final data acquisition activity of the Commonwealth Government's New Petroleum Program (2003-2007). The survey was designed to address two key petroleum systems issues in the Bight Basin. In order to assist in our understanding of the distribution of source rocks in the basin, the survey aimed to sample the distal facies of potential source intervals of Albian-Santonian age at locations on the seaward edges of the Ceduna and Eyre Terraces. Secondly, the survey aimed to investigate the presence of active petroleum systems by sampling and obtaining geophysical data at potential natural hydrocarbon seepage sites across the Ceduna Sub-basin.

Nine areas of interest were identified for surveying in the eastern Bight Basin, including areas where the targeted Albian-Santonian section outcrops on the seafloor, and areas where there was seismic and other geophysical and remotely sensed evidence of possible hydrocarbon seepage. The survey, took place from 24 February-17 March 2007 using the Marine National Facility vessel R/V Southern Surveyor.

The survey successfully sampled all nine targeted areas and collected 37 dredge hauls, 69 gravity cores and 15 grab samples, as well as 4600 km of swath data, and 2400 km of sub-bottom profile data.

The Bight Basin Sampling and Seepage Survey was very successful in addressing the most critical of its objectives, recovering samples from the exposed up-dip northwestern edge of the Ceduna Sub-basin that provide the first evidence for a world-class marine Cretaceous source rock in the Bight Basin.

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