Dataset: Australian Marine Parks


Consistent with the Australian Government's commitment to develop a National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas, networks of marine parks have been proclaimed for Commonwealth waters across the North, North-west, South-west, Temperate East and Coral Sea Marine Regions. These networks build on previous marine protected area proclamations, including the South-east Marine Parks Network declared in 2007.

This data contains spatial and contextual information about Australian Marine Parks proclaimed under the Commonwealth Government's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, which are managed by Parks Australia, with the addition of Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve, which is managed by the Australian Antarctic Division ( It does not include data on marine protected areas in other Australian jurisdictions (e.g. the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, State/Territory marine parks), or terrestrial protected areas with marine components (e.g. Pulu Keeling National Park).

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