Dataset: WAMSI Node 4.1 - Applying the EBFM framework


WAMSI Node 4.1 focussed on:

  1. developing a means (mechanisms and processes) of integrating Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) into “mainstream” fisheries management, including the WA Government’s Integrated Fisheries Management (IFM) initiative, and;

  2. to source, identify and integrate appropriate supporting research.

Ultimately, this project will provide stakeholders, including the broader WA community, with a much improved understanding of what EBFM means and how it could be achieved in WA. The key outcome will be the development of a risk assessment system that encompasses each of the ecological, social and economic aspects of fisheries management.

The West Coast Bioregion was used as a case study, with a report to be available for download.

General Information