Dataset: O&A MARVL Moorings Data


The O&A Moorings data set includes data collected using moored current meters deployed at various locations around Australia and in the southern Ocean has been loaded into the the CMAR Data Warehouse. Individual metadata records contain detailed information about each experiment. Most of these data were collected by the historical CSIRO divisions of Fisheries, Oceanography, Marine Research and now Marine and Atmospheric Research. Moorings data typically consists of time series station data measuring current, salinity, temperature and pressure over an extended period.

The subset extracted for MARVL contains data on the continental shelf as defined by the 200 metre depth contour from the 2012 Bathymetric dataset merged (spatial union) with the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Australian Maritime Boundary dataset ( available from Geosciences Australia (GA). This subset of the data contains 29,805 measurements from 2 moorings and spans from 1995 to 1996

The full data set is held in the O&A Information & Datacentre Data Warehouse, which currently holds 2,878,549 recordings from 33 moorings collected since 1983. Individual metadata records have been created for each station.

General Information