Dataset: Southern elephant seal moult wallow sites and weddell seal pupping areas in the Windmill Islands


This GIS dataset includes:

1 Point data representing southern elephant seal haulout sites as shown in Figure 1 of the paper J.van den Hoff, R.Davies and H.Burton, 'Origins, age composition and change in numbers of moulting southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina L.) in the Windmill Islands, Vincennes Bay, east Antarctica: 1988-2001', Wildlife Research vol 30 no 3 2003.

2 Polygon data representing some of the above sites. This data is based on field work by John van den Hoff, Australian Antarctic Division biologist, in 2000/01.

3 Polygon data representing two Weddell seal pupping sites in the Windmill Islands. This data is based on John van den Hoff's knowledge from field work and research.

The data has been formatted according to the SCAR Feature Catalogue.

Data that are part of this dataset have Dataset_id = 179 in the SCAR Feature Catalogue format. Dataset_id is an attribute in the attribute table.

Data quality information for any feature can be searched for at a Related URL by entering the Qinfo number of the feature at the 'Search datasets and quality' tab. Qinfo is an attribute in the attribute table.

General Information