Dataset: A bathymetric Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the George V and Terre Adelie continental shelf and margin


This dataset comprises Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of varying resolutions for the George V and Terre Adelie continental margin, derived by incorporating all available singlebeam and multibeam point depth data into ESRI ArcGIS grids. The purpose was to provide revised DEMs for Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) researchers who required accurate, high-resolution depth models for correlating seabed biota data against the physical environment. The DEM processing method utilised all individual multibeam and singlebeam depth points converted to geographic xyz (long/lat/depth) ASCII files. In addition, an ArcGIS line shapefile of the East Antarctic coastline showing the grounding lines of coastal glaciers and floating ice shelves, was converted to a xyz ASCII file with 0 m as the depth value. Land elevation data utilised the Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP) 200 m DEM data converted to xyz ASCII data. All depth, land and coastline ASCII files were input to Fledermaus 3DEditor visualisation software for removal of noisy data. The cleaned point data were then binned into a gridded surface using Fledermaus DMagic software, resulting in a 0.001-arcdegree (~100 m) resolution DEM with holes where no input data exists. ArcGIS Topogrid software was used to interpolate across the holes to output a full-coverage DEM. ArcGIS was used to produce the additional 0.0025-arcdegree (~250 m) and 0.005-arcdegree (~500 m) resolution grids. Full processing details can be viewed in: Beaman, R.J., O'Brien, P.E., Post, A.L., De Santis, L., 2011. A new high-resolution bathymetry model for the Terre Adelie and George V continental margin, East Antarctica. Antarctic Science 23(1), 95-103. doi:10.1017/S095410201000074X

General Information