Dataset: NSW - CRA/RFA - Forests - Upper North East - National Wilderness Inventory (NWI) Database


The Australian National Wilderness Inventory (NWI) is an environmental database and a set of modelling procedures which are designed to assist in the planning and management of remote and natural lands in Australia.

The NWI survey work for the Upper North East (UNE) Comprehensive Regional Assessment (CRA) region was derived by measuring variation in Wilderness Quality across the landscape using the four Wilderness Quality 'indicators' that represent the two essential attributes of wilderness: remoteness and naturalness. The indicators include: Remoteness from Settlement, Remoteness from Access, Apparent Naturalness and Biophysical Naturalness, and were derived from the definition of Wilderness Quality as the extent to which a location is remote from and undisturbed by the influence of modern development.

The NWI database consists of all measurements used to derive wilderness indicator values, the wilderness indicator values themselves, and a final Wilderness Quality index.

This is an archived dataset owned by the Commonwealth Government under the NSW Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) Data Agreement of 31 March 2000.This data is available to the public from the Department and may be used by third parties for unrestricted use provided that the copyright interests of the owners are protected.

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