Dataset: NSW - CRA/RFA - Forests - Lower North East - National Estate - Species at the End of their Range


Flora and fauna species at the end of their range are those species whose known distribution range terminates within or near the Lower North East (LNE) Comprehensive Regional Assessment (CRA) region. The value can reflect broad biogeographic boundaries or past species population movements. Within the context of north-eastern NSW, species at the limit of their range tend to be those species from tropical or sub-tropical Australia whose southern distribution limit occurs in the region, or those species from temperate Australia who reach their northern distribution range limit in the region.

Species were identified by experts and through literature review.

This dataset has been assessed against the following National Estate sub-criterion A1: Importance in the evolution of Australian flora, fauna, landscapes or climate.

This is an archived dataset jointly owned by the Commonwealth Government and NSW Governments under the NSW Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) Data Agreement of 31 March 2000.This data is available to the public from the Department and may be used by third parties for unrestricted use provided that the copyright interests of the owners are protected.

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Copyright Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales Government 1997.
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