Dataset: CSIRO Dawn to 2100 SRESA2 windsp - GCM windspeed datasets and trends 1850 to 2100 (calculated) using the SRESA2 Scenario


The CSIRO Dawn-2100 archive contains datasets for atmospheric, land and oceanographic variables for the approximate period 1850 - 2100 (dependent on model). These have been created through the concatenation of 20th century (20C3M) and other scenario (currently SRESA1B or SRESA2) data from a number of the 25 differant global climate models (GCM) from various countries. The SRESA2_cal_windsp dataset in particular contains the variable windspeed (windsp) which has been calculated from GCM outputs of eastward wind near surface (uas) and northward wind near surface (vas) under the scenario SRESA2 emissions 2001 to 2100. These variables have also been further analysed to give monthly, seasonal and annual trend data, calculated from a monthly timeseries referenced to the area-weighted mean global warming values. Data for variables is available in 12 month, annual and 4 seasons(DJF, MAM,JJA,SON) format with 27 files totaling 2.95 GB as Netcdf files. Available for internal use and analysis by CSIRO staff on the HPSC cherax.

General Information