Dataset: The population dynamics of the gastropod Lepsiella vinosa on the West Head rocky shore in Victoria


This study surveyed the size distribution of Lepsiella vinosa at 3 sites on the rocky shore at West Head, Victoria. Monthly or bi-monthly searchers were conducted from June 1975 to August 1978 during spring low tide. Every individual L.vinosa found at the 3 sites was measured to the nearest 0.01cm with vernier calipers. To determine recruitment of L.vinosa to the shore, individuals were arbitrarily designated as juveniles (< 0.8 cm) or adult (> 0.8 cm). The type of microhabitat where each individual was found was recorded at Sites 1 and 2 for the searchers conducted in spring (November 1977), summer (January 1978), autumn (April 1978), and winter (August 1978).

There were larger individuals of L.vinosa at higher intertidal levels (Site 1) compared to the mid- and lower sites (Sites 2 and 3). The recruitment of juveniles could not be determined from the size frequency distribution at any of the sites. There was more L.vinosa than expected in the rock pool habitats compared to the bare rock in all seasons except for winter at Site 2. There was high variability in abundance in the Lichinia habitat between all seasons and sites.

General Information