Dataset: Breeding biology of the Royal Penguin (Eudypted chrysolophus)at Macquarie Island 1955-1969


The data are contained in a number of log books in hand written form (now scanned onto CD ROM. They were gathered according to a protocol updated annually by the Principal Investigator, DR Robert Carrick (now deceased). Details are contained in the paper Carrick R (1972) Population ecology of the Australian black-backed magpie, royal penguin, and silver gull. in: Population ecology of migratory birds - A symposium. US Dept of the Interior, Fish and wildlife service. Wildlife Research Report 2. pp 41-99. The only other information on the Royal penguin population to come from these investigations is the PhD Thesis of G.T. Smith, Studies on the behaviour and reproduction of the Royal penguin Eudyptes chrysolophus schlegeli. Australian National University April 1970.

The log books contain a vast array of observations on the Royal penguin. Major observations/studies include banding of chicks and adults, breeding chronology, egg laying, breeding success, arrival weights, movements within and between colonies.

The protocols for the collection of the data are missing although some instructions and notes are included in the volumes.

Some data have also been entered into an excel spreadsheet.

General Information