Dataset: Basins of the Great Australian Bight : Geology and Petroleum Potential


In 1986, the Bureau of Mineral Resources (BMR) set out to rekindle
exploration interest in the Great Australian Bight and to answer some of
the perceived geological problems of the area, by conducting a regional
framework multichannel seismic survey with follow-up sampling and
heatflow work using the RfV Rig Seismic. At about the same time, the
South Australian Department of Mines and Energy (SADME) commenced a
project that involved re-interpreting existing company seismic data in
the Duntroon Basin and other areas in South Australian waters, with a
view to promoting a new round of exploration. In 1987, it was decided
that BMR and SADME should pursue a joint study, with the aim of covering
as much of the Great Australian Bight as possible. Areas of
responsibility were allocated such that SADME concentrated on the
shallow water Duntroon and Denman Basins, while BMR studied the deeper
water Great Australian Bight Basin (including the Eyre Sub-basin), the
Polda Trough, and the Bremer Basin further west. This folio is the
principal product of the joint study.
Since this report is the combined effort of two widely separated
organisations, it is inevitable that there will be some differences in
interpretation and style of presentation. While the editors (Stagg,
Cockshell, and Hill) have endeavoured to produce a final document that
is devoid of internal inconsistencies, no doubt some will still remain.

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