Dataset: Oxygen isotope (18-O) values for 5 different foraminiferal species down the core of GC12, collected from the Capricorn Channel


A gravity core (GC12) was collected from a depth of 990.5 mbsl within the Capricorn Channel, southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The 18-O values of the different foraminiferal species down the depth of the core show relatively consistent inter-species offsets throughout the glacial and interglacial periods. This provides us with confidence that the 5 individual species presumably remained within the same water mass. Because each foraminifera species fractionate carbon and oxygen isotopes differently, amended 18-O values are given whenever possible to account for these well-known biological vital effects. Comparison of the 18-O values with SPECMAP (Martinson et al., 1987) provides us with a chronology for core GC12.

General Information