Dataset: Water current readings at the 'Green' mooring in the North West of Jervis Bay: 06/12/88 - 11/01/89


A current meter mooring was deployed in the NW section of Jervis Bay (35.03S, 150.7E) between 6/12/88 and 11/1/89. This mooring held two water current metres: an S4 Interocean current meter at a depth of 5.5m, and an Aanderaa (RCM7) meter at a depth of 9.5m.

Each of these current meters provided two datasets. In the first, the meter integrates the signals over 2 minutes every 10 minutes, providing 10 min sample readings. The second decimated the samples using a running mean to provide hourly intervals.

The data provided in the datasets includes the eastern and northern tidal components, speed, direction and temperature. The datasets providing the 10 minute sample values also give depth and salinity readings.

The Aanderaa meter at 9.5m should have provided eastern and northern tidal components over the duration of the sampling period, however the compass jammed and did not work at all. Water speed was recorded but gives no indication of the direction of water movement.

Unfortunately one dataset is missing from this collection: The decimated hourly intervals for the meter at 9.5m have not been located, and are therefore not provided in this record

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