Dataset: Wave Data from CSIRO Waverider Buoys deployed in Tasmanian waters 1985-1993


In July 1985 the Division of Oceanography embarked on a wave observation program with the deployment of two "Waverider" buoys in the Southern Ocean near Cape Sorell on the west coast of Tasmania. Data were collected from moored Waverider Buoys deployed for various periods in Tasmanian coastal waters off Cape Grim, Cape Sorell (100m), Cape Sorell (50m) and Storm Bay. These observations are used to assess both typical and extreme sea states at these sites and for estimating spatial, seasonal and interannual variations in wave conditions in the Tasmanian region. The program concluded in December 1993 when the Storm Bay buoy ceased operation. There are two distinct datasets: a) Derived statistical data is available on-line for the seven locations mentioned in "Wave Climate Measurements in the Southern Ocean." b) Sample burst data for each of (possibly) nine locations. NOTES: All instruments used, and a copy of the data obtained during this program were sent to the Bureau of Meteorology. The Marine Observation Unit at the Bureau ( may be able to provide additional information. The data files in this collection are not in a Datacente supported format and no assurances are given as to the accuracy of data, or of the locations implied by the data file names. The CSIRO Waverider program has not been continued.

General Information