Dataset: Parent record: Flow patterns within Jervis Bay: Summer deployment of current meters and tidal gauges


This record describes components of the 'Jervis Bay Baseline Studies' project conducted by the Department of Defence, CSIRO and Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). The initial aims of the project were to obtain current and wind observations from Jervis bay over a six week period in order to detail the wind driven circulation and provide a data set for comparison with the numerical modelling work being simultaneously undertaken. However, after this initial experiment it became clear that there were significant currents in the bay that are not simply related to direct wind forcing. Therefore, alternative mechanisms for driving the flow had to be investigated, through the measurement programs and data analysis, as well as through numerical modelling. The result was a series of approximately six separate experiments aiming to define the water circulation around the bay and through the bay entrance, to gain an understanding of the processes that drive the currents, and to investigate the influence of stratification on the nature of the currents.

The first of these six experiments concentrated on the flow patterns within the bay during the summer months, when the waters are normally thermally stratified. This experiment consisted of 8 current meters in 3 moorings within the bay, along with pressure gauges to measure water levels and a meteorological station measuring winds and atmospheric pressure at Governor Head. The moorings were maintained for a single deployment from 6th December 1988 to 11th January 1989. [Given that this meteorological data bridges all six experiments, the data collected is described in a separate metadata record and will not be considered further.]

The black, yellow and orange moorings held tidal gauges, while the red, blue and green moorings held current meters at various depths. The red mooring held current meters at ~6.5m, 10.5m, 14.5m and 18.5m, while the blue mooring held meters at ~5.5m and 11.5m and the green mooring at ~5.5m and 9.5m.

As this is a parent record, no data is available to download. A pdf outlining the structure and hierarchy of metadata records relating to this project is available through this record. Also available is a pdf of a published working paper documenting this experiment and the results. There are four subsidiary records that directly relate to this parent, through which the data is provided (see hierarchical tree):

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