Dataset: Social Security, Health and Related Information


Agencies responsible for the administration and delivery of social security, family assistance, student assistance and related payments and programs publish a range of statistical information online. Relevant agencies include:

• Department of Human Services

• Department of Social Services

• Department of Education and Training

• Department of Health

• Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Published statistical information generally encompasses customer population data for key payments, with a pre-defined drill-down available for relevant demographic (e.g. gender, age) and geographic (e.g. national, state/territory) characteristics.The Department of Human Services also publishes a comprehensive suite of health related statistical information.

This dataset provides a summary of links to existing sources of statistical information published on a range of government websites, including those noted above and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The AIHW provides authoritative information and statistics to promote better health and wellbeing.

[] ( contains information about accessing statistical information. If not available online, you can request statistical information by emailing In providing this service, the Department of Human Services liaises with relevant agencies as required.

General Information