Dataset: Tide gauge data obtained from a mooring 200m off the west coast of Bowen Island, Jervis Bay


A tide gauge mooring was installed in 10-12m of water 200m off the west coast of Bowen Island, Jervis Bay. Opposed to other moorings in the area, this particular mooring did not house additional current meters.

Over a period of approx. 9 months the mooring was deployed 4 times in the same location (as illustrated).
Deployments 1-4 -35.1183 S 150.763 E.
Approx deployment dates - see individual records for exact date and time of collection: 1) 22/6/89 - 13/7/89... 2) 28/8/89 - 13/11/89... 3) 13/11/89 - 29/1/90... 4) 29/1/90 - 28/3/90.

Datasets presented here correspond to data retrieved from the tide gauge over the study period.
The Aanderaa WLR5 tide gauges used in this study average over 41 seconds for all sampling intervals. In the case of the 2nd and 3rd deployment the sampling interval was 15mins, while for the 4th deployment a sampling interval of 30mins was used. Unfortunately no data is available from the 1st deployment.

The tide gauge was secured to the mooring line on the sea-bed at a depth of ~10m in all deployments. In addition to depth, the tide gauge also housed a temperature sensor.

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