Dataset: IMOS - AUV SIRIUS, CAMPAIGN: Solitary Island , AUGUST 2012


Solitary Islands (Barrett, Jordan, Hayes): Dives in the Solitary Islands were focused on surveying reef habitats around the Solitary Island Marine Park. The surveys were conducted as part of a collaboration between the IMOS AUV Facility, the National Environment Research Program (NERP) Theme 1 - National monitoring, evaluation and reporting and NSW DPI Fisheries. Dives focused on a number of reefs in 20 m to 60 m of water depth and consisted of both dense 25 m x 25 m full photo quadrants designed to allow repeat surveys over years and broader surveys up to 2km in length to document habitat distributions over broader scales. Additional scientific operations carried out at these sites include multibeam bathymetry, towed video and Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVS).

General Information