Dataset: Oxygen-isotope records, age-model results and sedimentation rates of core MD88-787


Core MD88-787 was recovered during the French ASPARA IV cruise in 1988, aboard the Marion Dufresne. The core was located on the Tasman Fracture Zone of the Mid-Ocean Ridge, within the Polar Front Zone.

Sediment samples were taken at 10cm intervals. Isotopic analysis was performed on tests of the planktonic foraminifera Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (200-250um), and revealed that the core covered two climatic cycles. The base of the core was found to represent the end of isotope-stage 7, as was suggested by the last abundant appearance datum (LAAD) of H. karstenii.

The core contained 195kyr of sedimentation within its 1030cm length. The results also indicate that the Holocene period has the highest rates of sedimentation observed through time. Further variations (excluding isotope-stage 1) appear to indicate that a reduction of the sedimentation rate occurred during the interglacial periods, in contrast to that of the glacials.

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