Dataset: Current values collected through the water column using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) in the centre of Jervis Bay: Winter Deployment


The record describes data collected from a winter deployment of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) moored in the central part of Jervis Bay, New South Wales (35o 05'S, 150o 44'E). An ADCP measures how fast water is moving across an entire water column. Anchored to the seafloor it can measure current speed not just at the bottom, but also at equal intervals all the way up to the surface. For this experiment, the ADCP was moored on the seabed, in a frame, with sensors looking upwards and approximately 0.5m above the seabed.

Over the winter deployment, 26th July 1991 to 26th September 1991, the ADCP was set-up with a 60 minute sampling interval and currents were measured over 1m depth bins. Bin numbers and currents are referenced as a height above the seabed (due to the uncertainty in defining water depth because of tides and air pressure). As such Bin #1 is centered at 1.5m above the transducer face or 2.0m above the seabed. Bin #2 is centered at 3m above the seabed, Bin #3 at 4m and so on.
The water depth was measured as 24m on deployment and the first 19 bins provided good data. Currents from bin 20 up were very noisy and it is inferred that contamination had occurred. These bins were removed from the dataset.

Two resources are provided in this record: 1) A schematic of depth bin location for the winter deployment and, 2) The raw, or unfiltered current values for each bin depth provided every 60 minutes in terms of east/west and north/south components.

This child record relates to the parent, c571bb80-2ae7-11dd-a735-00188b4c0af8. A pdf outlining the structure and hierarchy of all metadata records relating to this project is available to download through this record. Also available is a pdf of a published working paper documenting this experiment and the results.

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