Dataset: ERS-2 Satellite Altimeter Data - CMR Processed - 1995-2004


Satellite altimeter data from the radar altimeter on board the European ERS-2 satellite, comprising Global (81S -> 81N) sea surface height anomalies along ground tracks which are repeated every 35 days. There are two versions of this dataset. Each version is approximately 620 Mb and the period covered is May 1995 to July 2003. This data set is also known as "ERS-2, phase A", but there are no phases B, C,... One of the versions ("cor") has had a long-wavelength correction applied. The other version ("raw") has not had this correction applied. The data was provided by Aviso/CNES in France and has been reformatted at CSIRO Marine Research in Hobart to a uniform grid spacing and format. Available on-line on the CSIRO Marine Research network; also available to outside users on request.

General Information