Dataset: Videos, images, and positional information from NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub survey of the Solitary Islands KEF (GA0338)


A survey of the Solitary Islands Key Ecological Feature (KEF - GA survey 0338) was conducted on the R.V. Bombora between Tuesday, August 7th 2012 and Thursday, August 16th 2012, in collaboration with the New South Wales (NSW) Office of Environment and Heritage as part of GA's commitment to the National Environmental Research Programme (NERP)'s Marine Biodiversity Hub. The survey collected forward-facing mono video, forward-facing stereo video, and downward facing stills. The geographic position of the system was determined using a GPS system, and the location of the towed camera body was monitored using a USBL system. The aims of the survey were to characterize benthic habitat in areas of the Solitary Islands Key Ecological Feature, and to compare and contrast the effectiveness of different methods for capturing visual representations of biological communities.

Stereo video: 2x GoPro Hero 2 cameras in Patima housings with 30cm spacing.
Mono video:
Stills: Nikon D700, Easydive Leo II housing with dome port

The data is organized by survey date, followed by full transect number. Within each transect, there are 4 folders titled:

GoPro Stereo GoPro .MP4 files, 1080i, medium FOV, NTSC 30 fps
Nikon Downward Facing Stills, .JPG
Streampix Mono video files in Norpix .SEQ format
Tracklink USBL positional information from Tracklink Navigator 1500.7.4.0

Days 4 and 5 are together in one folder because these transects were incomplete, and are not suitable for scientific analysis.

There is an additional folder titled DGPS Log which contains the full set of files containing the GPS position of the R/V Bombora while surveying.

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General Information