Dataset: NSW Office of Water GW licence extract linked to spatial locations GLOv3 12032014



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple source datasets. The source datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

The difference between NSW Office of Water GW licences - GLO v2 and v3 is that an additional column has been added, 'Asset Class' that aggregates the purpose of the licence into the set classes for the Asset Database. Also the 'Completed_Depth' has been added, which is the total depth of the groundwater bore. These columns were added for the purpose of the Asset Register.

The aim of this dataset was to be able to map each groundwater works with the volumetric entitlement without double counting the volume and to aggregate/ disaggregate the data depending on the final use.

This has not been clipped to the Gloucester PAE, therefore the number of economic assets/ relevant licences will drastically reduce once this occurs.

Dataset History


  1. Original spread sheets provided by the NSW Office of Water have mulitple licence instances if there are more than one WA/CA number. This means that there are more than 1 works or permit to each licence. The aim is to only have one licence instance.

  2. Using the pivot results, the individual licence numbers were combined into one colume in the 2.1 Linked Licence Number spreadsheet.

  3. Using the new column of licence numbers, several vlookups were created to bring in other data. This includes the bore number from 1.1 From_Arc Spreadsheet and the original data from the 1.2 From_Spreadsheet_WALS and 1.3 From_Spreadsheet_OLD spreadsheets. (Please note, columns of the two spreadsheets 1.2 From_Spreadsheet_WALS and 1.3 From_Spreadsheet_OLD spreadsheets overlap. Where they do they are combined. The only ones that dont are the Share/Entitlement/allocation, these mean different things.

  4. A hydro ID column was created, this is a code that links this NSW to the NGIS, which is basically a ".1.1" at the end of the bore code.

  5. A quality check "3.4 QA Check Arc and Spreadsheet" was to make sure that all the shape file licences are reperesented in the WALs and Old spreadsheets, which they are.

Please Note

  1. The WA/CA column will not include all the WA/CAs attached to the Licence. A vlookup will only get the top one if the multiple which is adequte for this purpose.

  2. A "null" value means that there was nothing from the orginal table that could be put into the new table. Blanks can be problematic in Arc so a null is put in place instead. A "0" value means that there was a "0" in the table, to avoid assumptions.

  3. The share componant/entitlement/ allocation is per licence AND per bore. Any licence that had more than one bore had no volumetric amoutn attached so it can be assumed that the licenced has only one bore and the volume is from licence and bore.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2014) NSW Office of Water GW licence extract linked to spatial locations GLOv3 12032014. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 18 July 2018,

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