Dataset: Annual Family Income, 1996-1997 to 1998-1999 (Three Year Average)


This data relates to the average annual family income of broadacre and dairy
farm properties which responded to the ABARE annual farm survey over a three
year period from 1996 -1997 to 1998 -1999. Average annual family income is
calculated as the family share of farm income plus any wages (that are
included as farm costs for taxation assessment) paid to the owner manager,
spouse and dependant children, plus all off-farm income of owner manager and
spouse. The data is reported at the Statistical Division (SD) level for
Australia. This data relates to broadacre and dairy farms run by owner
managers and has been collected by annual farm survey interview and is
supplemented by information in the farm accounts. The data is presented at a
scale of 25000000. The following attributes are contained within the dataset;
Sd code a a unique 3 digit code for Statistical Divisions (SD), Sd name a the
name of the Statistical Division (SD), Faminc a the average annual farm family
income for the period 1996-1997 to 1998-1999. RSE a the relative standard
error of the average farm equity ratio for the period 1996-1997 to 1998-1999.
Ag_land_ha a hectares of agricultural land use in the Statistical Division
(SD). Note that metropolitan areas are assigned a value of -99999, whilst
areas with no data are assigned a value of -88888.

See [further metadata](
__00512a00.xml) for more detail.

General Information