Dataset: IMOS SOOP Sea Surface Temperature data collected on the Research Vessel L'Astrolabe (1-minute averaged)


Enhancement of Measurements on Ships of Opportunity (SOOP)-Sea Surface Temperature (SST) aims to supply near real-time SST data (within 24 hours) from SOOPs and research vessels in the Australian region.

The data files contain SST underway observations from an SBE 38 sensor installed in a seawater intake collected on trips of a French research and Antarctic resupply vessel participating in the Australian Volunteer Observing Fleet (RV L'Astrolabe - FHZI) between Hobart (Tasmania) and Dumont D'Urville (Antarctica). The voyages take place during the Austral summer. The data are 1-minute averaged measurements. The data have been quality controlled by the Bureau of Meteorology and available in delayed mode.

General Information