Dataset: Groundwater Entitlement Hunter NSW Office of Water 20150324



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on the known details at the time of acquisition.

This extract was obtained to replace a previous licence entitlement extract provided by the NSW Office of water as part of the feedback to the programme. The dataset includes groundwater entitlements for the area of interest and drilling depths of the groundwater bores.

Note this dataset is restricted as it contains fields which may be used to identify individuals. The data is being stored at a secure location by the Bureau of Meteorology.

This dataset has been provided to the BA Programme for use within the programme only. Third parties may request a copy of the data from DPI Water (previously known as the NSW Office of Water) at

Dataset History

In the attached ZIP file are 6 files, of which 3 files cover an area of interest (Murrundi to Singleton management zone) where most of the Hunter mining takes place, the other 3 files relate to the rest of the area.

NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_WALs. As this file has 20AL numbers, these are WMA bores, hence these licences are for alluvial systems and not Sydney Basin as Sydney Basin is still under the WA (1912) and don't have AL number yet. Hence this extract relates to all commercial/access type licences within the Hunter alluvial systems that lie within the MurrurundiSingleton MZ

NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_Current_Approvals. As per above but relates too Basic Rights only licences within the MurrurundiSingleton MZ

NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_PT. This extract contains all the WA commercial/access licences within Sydney Basin within the MurrurundiSingleton MZ The total allocations here likely represents the Sydney Basin Porous Rocks (It may also include Liverpool Basalts/Oxley Basin).

NorthCoastHunterMZ_Current_Approvals. This extract contains all WMA Basic Rights Licences issued under the Water the Hunter Management zone. This covers both Kulnura Mangrove Mt WSP, all the alluvial systems and Tomago Sands

NorthCoastHunterMZ_WALs. This extract contains all WMA Access licences in Hunter Mgm't Zone covering all alluvial systems plus Kulnura-Mangrove Mt WSP, and Tomago Sand Dunes.

NorthCoastHunterMZ_PT. This appears to contains all Pty accounts for Hunter MZ, i.e it covers both coastal sands, Central Coast alluvium and SydBasin Porous Rock, Liverpool Basalts Oxley Basin from what I can see.

Also attached are two csv files, this is the same info in the six zip files but divided into the two management zones. It contains all the drill depths etc. You can simply just add all both of these files together to get a list of licences across the area shown in the map.

Dataset Citation

NSW Office of Water (2015) Groundwater Entitlement Hunter NSW Office of Water 20150324. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 13 March 2019,

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