Dataset: Age vs. depth of core MD002361 (shelf edge offshore Western Australia). Age has been calculated using radiocarbon dating and modelling based on oxygen isotope records.


Radiocarbon dating was used to construct an age model for the upper sections of core MD002361 to a depth of 205cm, after which the age-model was based on the chronology of Bassinot et al. as the core extends beyond the Marine Isotope Stages (MIS) of SPECMAP. The age versus depth profile for this core shows a step-like pattern with increased sedimentation rates during interglacial periods and decreased rates during glacial periods. The average sedimentation rate over the length of the core is 2.5cm/1000yrs, with a high sedimentation rate illustrated during the holocene (15cm/1000yrs). It appears that the sedimentation rate may be affected by river discharge, with an increase in red-brown sediment during the interglacial periods. This is shown with an increase in sedimentation rate during MIS 5 and MIS 11. The age at the deepest part of the core (1360cm) is ~549,058yrs BP.

General Information