Dataset: Mean transpiration in March from the plant canopy for the pre 1788 scenario


Mean annual (00) and monthly (01a|12) transpiration (mm) from the plant canopy
for the period 1980-1999.Interpretation:Canopy transpiration is far more
spatially variable than potential evaporation, reflecting the effects of water
limitation in most areas of the continent. Both the annual mean and seasonal
pattern broadly resemble the corresponding patterns for rainfall. Canopy
transpiration maps have more acontrasta (relative variation) than the total
evaporation or rainfall maps because transpiration is a small component of
total evaporation in areas of low plant cover (the remainder being soil
evaporation).The partitioning between soil evaporation and canopy
transpiration in the model is determined by leaf area index.Notes: These are
model-based estimates from the BiosEquil model. Results are given for the
aBASEa (pre-1788) and aAGRICa (present day) conditions. The aAGRICa case
includes current agricultural inputs of water from
irrigation.EvapCanopy.00.Agric, EvapCanopy.01.Agric a| EvapCanopy.12.Agric a
Mean annual and monthly canopy transpiration (mm) in the aAGRICa (present day)
scenarioEvapCanopy.00.Base, EvapCanopy.01.Base a| EvapCanopy.12.Base a Mean
annual and monthly canopy transpiration (mm) in the aBASEa (pre-1788)
scenarioData is in geographics and GDA94.

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