Dataset: Australian Public Service Statistical Bulletin - December 31 2012


These tables present a summary of employment under the Public Service Act 1999 at 31 December 2012 and during the 2012 calendar year. The data is an update of that presented in the APS Statistical Bulletin 2011-12.
Data becomes available at six monthly intervals — through this summary for calendar year data and through the annual State of the Service Report (SOSR) and APS Statistical Bulletin (the Bulletin). The data in these tables is sourced from the APS Employment Database (APSED), which contains data extracted from agencies’ HR systems.

The Australian Public Service Commission continues to work with agencies to improve the quality and timeliness of the data they provide to APSED. Each year extensive audits and error checking of APSED are undertaken, to ensure that sound conclusions can be drawn from the data. Through this audit process, previously published data has been updated. The June 2012 data published in SOSR and the Bulletin has been revised.

As in the Bulletin, a headcount approach is used in these tables—that is, people working part-time are aggregated with people working full-time without weighting. Data also includes inoperative staff. Employees’ classification in these tables refers to their base or substantive classification. Abbreviations used in these tables and changes to administrative arrangements for the period July to December 2012 are explained in the link below. The Explanatory Notes at Appendix 1 of the Bulletin provide definitions of terms used in these tables.
The Bulletin is available at

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