Dataset: Depositional Path Length


This data set is a grid of deposition path length and is calculated as part of
the transport energy budget. Deposition occurs if transport energy out is less
than transport energy in. The interim 9 sec DEM is the basis of the
calculations.The data set is a product of Australian Soil Resources
Information System (ASRIS) of the National Land and Water Resources Audit
(NLWRA). This digital map use geographical coordinates referred to the World
Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84). The raster data sets have a 0.0025 degree (9
second) cell size. The units are metres (X 1000 to facilitate use of integer
grids).The digital map data is provided in geographical coordinates based on
the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) datum. This raster data set has a grid
resolution of 0.001 degrees(approximately equivalent to 1.1 km).The data set
is a product of the National Land and Water Resources Audit (NLWRA) as a base
dataset.This product (adepositional path lengtha) incorporates data which
is:(c) Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2001The Data sourced
from Geoscience Australia has been used in adepositional path lengtha with the
permission of Geoscience Australia. Geoscience Australia has not evaluated the
Data as altered and incorporated within adepositional path lengtha, and
therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completedness, currency or
suitability for any particular purpose.Limited End-user licence provided by
Geoscience Australia: You may use adepositional path lengtha to load, display,
print and reproduce views obtained from the Data, retaining this notice, for
your personal use, or use within your organisation only.pointOfContact
Geoscience Australia Customer Support (on 02 6201 4340) to obtain the most
current version of the Data and to obtain an Unlimited Licence. An Unlimited
Licence permits you to create a Derivative Product, and to distribute the Data
or Derivative Product to third parties.

See [further metadata](
w_06411a00.xml) for more detail.

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