Dataset: Towed Video - Benthic survey of Lihou Reef (2004-10-07 to 2004-10-14)


This data consists of 1867 records derived from 6 tows covering 5.125 km at 2.75m resolution, over a depth range of 59.9 to 45.6 meters. Classification of the benthos and substrate was based on 17 benthic classes and 6 substrate classes.

Summary of the primary benthic categories recorded
Hard Coral 10.44%
Macroalgae 80.88%
NoBenthos 5.36%
Other 3.32%

Summary of substrates recorded
NoSub 10.12%
Rubble 0.37%
SandCoarse 89.50%

A custom interface has been developed by AIMS staff for reading Towed Video tapes.

General Information